Compact Tai Chi Sword in Mixed Styles

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Compact Tai Chi Sword in Mixed Styles blends Tai Chi with various sword techniques, including Wudang sword, Ming Dynasty General Qi Jiguang's (1528-1588) long saber (Miao-dao), Yu Chenghui’s two-handed longsword, and Medieval long-sword methods. Both Qi and Yu hailed from Penglai, China, my hometown, where the historical use of longswords in martial arts training is abundant. This routine serves as my homage to this tradition. Its core focus is utilizing the sword as a tool for body conditioning and harnessing inner energy, emphasizing dragon and tiger strength, while also integrating practical sword defensive and offensive techniques. Notably, there's a seamless connection between weapons and tai chi bare hand routines. While a standard-sized sword suffices, a heavier longsword facilitates training the back, waist, and hips for blade movement, minimizing reliance on arm muscles.

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Starring Jesse Tsao
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Released 2024
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