Tai Chi Ball in Form 24

Jesse Tsao to honor Professor Li Deyin's Simplified Tai Chi Form 24

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Tai Chi Ball in Form 24 by Dr. Jesse Tsao is adapted from the Simplified Tai Chi Form 24 to honor his teacher Professor Li Deyin of Beijing Renmin University, who is the most significant expert making tai chi worldwide popular today. This routine stays as close as possible to the original 24 postures with a ball in between the hands. The practice uses dan-tian (lower abdomen) rotation to generate torso movement, which leads to ball movement, to develop internal energy and core strength. The ball is usually made out of rubber, wood, steel, or even stone, and typically weighs between 2 and 30 lbs. This form will help you sink your center of gravity, improve balance and posture, tone muscles and tendons, and enhance internal power. You can start with a lighter medicine ball and then work up to a heavier one over time. This is a new curriculum of the Tai Chi Healthways instructor training program.

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Released 2021
Runtime 01:03:13
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