Tai Chi Neigong Shibashi: Yang Style Compact 18 Forms

neigong for energy cultivating

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Tai Chi Neigong Shibashi in Yang Style Compact 18 Forms is created strictly based on the Yang family traditional postures.  Posture is only a tool to cultivate inner energy, your goal is to gain neigong. Repetitive drill on each posture is easy for a beginner to learn, it also provides the opportunity for advanced students to ascertain the feeling of inner work layer by layer.  It is designed for Zoom teaching to fit limited space for home or corporate onsite practice. This is also a perfect short form to lead beginners into the long form 108.  Demonstrations are given in front and back views, and Master Tsao gives a detailed description of each posture's main neigong concept.  (Difficulty: Beginner through advanced Levels). DVD, (68 minutes).

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Released 2021
Genre Sports
Runtime 01:08:00
Date Limits Starts 3/27/2021