Tai Chi Bang Qin-na Joint Locks in Sun Style

Dr. Jesse Tsao's tai chi instructor training

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Tai Chi Bang for Joint Locks in the Sun Style 

Joint locks (Qin-na擒拿 ) are a key element of tai chi self-defense and are based on the tai chi principles of adhering and sticking.  Tai Chi Bang for Joint Locks, created by Dr. Jesse Tsao, provides you with an effective training method to develop your grasping ability with spiraling inner strength. Not only for tai chi practitioners, the training methods develop fundamental skills that can augment the practice of Aikido, Jujitsu or Judo techniques.  The short stick simulates the opponent's forearm, and training with the stick facilitates the development of coordinated hand movements 两手相搏相系 that are integrated with the tight spiraling action of the torso, providing highly effective and powerful self-defense reactions 太极圈要越练越小紧凑. It is also an excellent therapy for carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritic hands, strengthening and stretching the muscles and tendons for improved range of motion and dexterity.

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Starring Dr. Jesse Tsao
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Released 2021
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