Tai Chi Staff in Yang Style Form 24

This form is created in honor of my teacher Li Deyin

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Tai Chi staff in Yang Style Form 24 is totally based on the popular Simplified Tai Chi in Form 24.  It is easy to learn for people who know the barehand form.  The purpose is to use the staff to train your neigong and neijing, your internal power.  Strike with the staff to create vibration force, kicking back to your body to improve your structural alignment and balance.  This is created for Tai Chi Healthways' instructor program and continuing training curriculum, and is also made to honor Professor Li Deyin who is the icon of Tai Chi Form 24.  Dr. Tsao trained under him for 10 years in Beijing, China. Demonstrations are given in front and back views, and Master Tsao gives a detailed description of each posture's martial application, and showed where it comes from the original barehand form.   (Difficulty: Beginner through advanced Levels).  (60 minutes).

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