Tai Chi Push Hands

Push Hands is an important part of traditional Tai Chi training.

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It requires a partner to practice with you, but Master Tsao teaches you a unique way to start with yourself.  This is a new approach to teaching Push Hands and is a good reference for Tai Chi instructors.  Learn the basic moves at home to practice the postures and understand the energy flow, then match with another person to develop sensitivity and react with peng, lu, ji, an (ward off, roll back, press, push). Tai chi push hands can build strength and flexibility of your Core muscles, form the central link between your upper and lower body. A strong core underpins almost everything you do. It is key to improving performance in almost any sport by extending your range of motion. Your slimmer waistline and better defined ab muscles will be hard to ignore. Push Hands will keep you motivated and continue to challenge you as you make progress.  Master Tsao teaches in precise detail in English and demonstrates with Alain Mellan. Suggest 30 class hours.  (Difficulty: Beginner to Advanced Levels). DVD-R, (63 minutes)

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Runtime 63:00